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Being able to answer our customers needs in such an efficient way for more than 55 years takes a solid corporate philosophy that includes all members of its team. At Juteau & Ruel inc., our mission is: to ensure a good profitability for the durability of the company! By doing so, to keep a motivated and happy team! The result? Dedicated people that work hard for us and our clients. And trust that our customers can feel it!

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About 30 people are part of the Juteau Ruel inc. team. Our technicians are responsible for thousands of devices we have in service. The logistics team takes care of calls, delivery and orders. The sales team takes care of bringing water to the mill by selling or renting image reproduction devices and training users. Others take care of the creative division and the digital printing center and finally there’s the administrative aspect. Our managers in place serve as first violins under their conductor and majority shareholder Jean-Luc Roy, in place since 1986.


Since it was founded in 1962, the company has worked in sales and service of office equipment. In 2006, a decision to recenter its activities was made and it has since been exclusively focused on selling and offering service on Canon printing devices. The objective was simple: to make Juteau & Ruel inc. the largest photocopy and printer retailer in the Laurentians and Lanaudiere region. A little over ten years later, the result is striking. Not only did the company meet its goal but it has maintained its position as part of the top 10 largest retailers of the country, winning 1st position twice! Since 2018, the company has become one of five partners of Premier HP in Quebec. With products from Canon and HP, two of the most notable printing manufacturers in the world, Juteau & Ruel inc. is able to offer to its thousands of customers a product and service portfolio that is simply unequaled.


The urge to take care of the environment has motivated Juteau & Ruel inc. to take action regarding its ecological footprint. It’s a challenge and the company knows it. To better our chances to succeed, the company has called upon all members of its team to participate by their suggestions, actions and putting in place viable environmental procedures. The recycling of packaging materials, the ecological disposition of old devices, the cars that our technicians drive, the recycling of paper and ink are all part of the many components the company seeks to improve, to do its part in the quest for a better, safer environment.


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